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The Mills Institute

Healthcare Reimagined – Wellness Achieved

Dr. Steven Mill

Services & Program

The Mills Institute practice is dedicated to delivering the integrative healthcare services specified below, focused on wellness and health maintenance and with special emphasis on Functional Medicine, prevention, and health education.

All Programs described below include a version of a routine regardless of condition or necessity diagnostic exam.


All Programs encompass the following services (“Services”):

  • In-Office/Virtual Appointments with a Custom Treatment Plan. The Practice will have periodic in-office or virtual appointments with each Patient (number of visits depends on the Patient’s chosen Program), during which we will create, monitor, review, and refine a custom treatment plan for the Patient, addressing the following:
    • Food and dietary supplements/herbal products
    • Movement/Exercise
    • Mind-Spirit-Lifestyle modification
    • Interpretation of Patient’s diagnostic/laboratory tests
    • Various therapeutic interventions
    • Follow-up recommendations
    • Informational Handouts & Literature.
    • The Practice also will provide the Patient with informational handouts that are specific to the Patient’s health challenges and wellness goals. In many cases, the Practice will do extensive research.
  • More leisurely, less crowded office visits – Because the Practice limits the size of the Program, the Practice will be able to schedule Patients in a timely way, see Patients promptly (without Patients having to wait for a long time in a crowded waiting room).
  • Community Sessions – The Programs include an unlimited amount of community session(s). Community sessions may consist of a shared functional healthcare professional, health coach, or nutritionist that provide education and support in a Patient’s journey to improved health.
  • Communication – Practice provides subscription access to Practice’s online health data storage and communication facilitation platform that allow and empower Patient to interact with Practice via electronic communication. Due to Practice’s limited size of the Program, Practice is able to respond more quickly to Patient’s communications and provide ongoing electronic communication exchanges with Patient to secure exam-related health data updates, patient education, and support.
  • Discounts – Practice offers a 10% discount on supplements as well as additional treatments such as IV Therapy, Peptide Therapy, and Aesthetics (the cost of these treatments/therapies are not included in the subscription.)


All Programs include health data communication and support with these features:

  • Subscription access to Practice’s online health data storage and communication facilitation through a platform that allows and empowers Patients to interact with the Practice via electronic communication over the relevant exam service software which provides results and post-exam health data-based guidance.
  • Education and support (“Health Data Plan”).
  • Health Data Plan services include ongoing electronic communication exchanges with Patients to secure exam-related health data updates, patient education, and support.

Individual and Couples Programs (per person) include:

  • Seven (7) in-office/virtual appointments*, regardless of condition (routine or diagnostic Functional Medicine/Integrative health exam except for those excluded Services as listed above), or type of exam (in-office or telehealth)
  • Unlimited community sessions
  • Discounted supplements
  • 10% discount on IV Therapy, Peptide Therapy, and Aesthetics per each Term (as defined in the Agreement).

*The appointments are to be used within the Initial Term from the Effective Date, or if during a Renewal Term the appointments may only be used within that Renewal Term. Appointments do not carry over to any future Terms or Renewal Terms.

The minimum contract period is for the Initial Term, and the Program renews for the Renewal Term, automatically charged monthly to the Patient’s credit card on file with Practice.

Program Subscription Fees:

We offer Individual Plans and Couples Discounted Plans. An additional one-time initiation fee will be charged based upon the chosen monthly subscription plan. The one-time initiation fee is waived for current patients of the Mills Institute or patients transferring from Ollie Health, Inc.

Please contact our office for accurate pricing. Call 916-259-5205

Note: All exam Services outlined above are well beyond the scope of any Medicare-reimbursed “Welcome To Medicare” physical or Annual Wellness Exam, or any private Plan-covered “preventative physical.” Practice’s exam and related health communication services are unique to the Practice’s focus on integrative healthcare and are designed to be outside any Plan coverage or reimbursement. The Practice’s limited number of patients, and implementation of Health Data Plan services, will naturally lead to improved electronic communication and efficient office visits or virtual exam scheduling with little or no waiting times. Finally, disease prevention is a goal, but several factors render the prevention of any disease impossible to predict or promise. Ultimate Patient health outcomes will depend on factors almost entirely outside the control of Practice.