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Dr. Steven C. Mills MD
Functional Medicine Practitioner

At The Mills Institute, our mission is simple – To make you feel and stay healthy. We will be your personal advocates for wellness.

On behalf of The Mills Institute, I would like to take the time to thank you for taking the first step toward taking control of your own health and wellness through Functional Medicine.  I will personally help you identify your health goals and aspirations and make them a reality.  I will do this through listening, questioning, searching, and prevention. Unlike many in my field, I have spent 20+ years studying both conventional and alternative medicine and have received board certification in Age Management, Hormone Therapy, and Functional Medicine. Improving the lives of my patients is my passion!


Let’s Redefine Health Together!

Dr. Steven Mills



women's hormone management

Men's Hormone Management

Optimize and balance your hormones to achieve the pinnacle of wellness.

As we age it is common for hormone levels to drop. In men, this includes Testosterone, Progesterone, and Thyroid (T3, T4). Other hormones such as Estrogen may rise. Cortisol levels can either rise dramatically or plummet, both of which are undesirable.

All of the hormone changes noted above will cause changes in a man’s libido and muscle strength/mass. They will also affect mood, cardiac health, memory, mental clarity, and metabolism. View more information about Men’s Hormone Management.

women's hormone management

Women's Hormone Management

Achieve a more youthful vivacious YOU through Perfect Hormone Balance.

As a woman ages, both the level of hormones change as well as their ratios. Balance is the key goal!  Estrogen and progesterone levels in and of themselves are only part of the wellness picture. Identifying and correcting the ratios between the two is critical.

Symptoms such as: Insomnia, Low libido, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Hot Flashes, Weight gain, and Headaches can all be traced back to some form of hormone imbalance. View more information about Women’s Hormone Management.

women's hormone management

Adrenal Care

This lesser-known aspect of health once examined and optimized will prove to be a game-changer! Energy, concentration, and immune health will reach new heights.

Cortisol, Pregnenolone, and DHEA are the major hormones of the Adrenal glands. During times of acute stress, Cortisol levels rise leading to palpitations, hypertension, insomnia and anxiety.  After prolonged episodes of stress, Cortisol levels begin to drop, leading to a compromised immune system, joint aches and pains, energy slumps in the afternoon, digestive issues, multiple allergies, and sugar cravings.  After adrenal health and all of the above-noted hormones are measured and corrected higher levels of health can be achieved. View more information about Adrenal Care

functional primary care beneficial foods

Functional Primary Care

Digestive Health, Immunity, Auto-Immunity, Chronic Disease, Nutrition, Gut health, Exercise… This is the GLUE!

Functional Medicine is finding root causes for disease, underlying causes of chronic illnesses that have gripped mankind for decades.

As we live in a faster-paced and more advanced digital world, we forget about the basic paradigms of health:

Eat well, Sleep well, exercise often, and keep stress at a minimum. View our “What is Functional Medicine” FAQ page for more information.



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